Saturday, December 15, 2012


Jokeroo is a site i have been doing since signing up on October 1st 2012. You can earn $1.00 a day by clicking on reactions and Facebook "like" buttons located on pictures or videos on the jokeroo site. Its like you rate the picture or video and get paid for it. 10 cents per reaction and 10 cents per Facebook "like" .. You do 5 for each.

1. sign up
2. make sure you are logged in.
3. click on any picture or video you see.
4. click on a reaction (located above the picture or video) sexy, cool, stupid, gross, lol. wtf, cute, owned * are all reactions tot eh picture or video.. just click one to earn 10 cent
5. scroll to the bottom underneath the picture or video. Make sure you let the page load complete to see the facebook "like" button... click on the "like" button to earn 10 cent

6. You will see your balance go up by 10 cents each time you do a reaction and a "like"

you can earn $1.00 daily doing this . You also can earn more money by uploading a picture or video. if jokeroo post your picture or video to its front page you will earn $100 dollars for each video and $10 for each picture posted by jokeroo on the front page... 

minimum cash out is $50. Payments are issued 30 days after the end of a month that your minimum balance was at least $50 (NET 30) and you had a picture or video approved on your account.

I am currently waiting on my 1st payment from jokeroo.. Why not sign up now and start earning.

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